Merry Christmas! 

I'm on TUMBLR as well these days and probably a lot more often. 


So, October means it's Harvey Drew time again and the Bling Bots ( book 2 ) should be out in the shops if I remember correctly. Here's a bumper stack of the inside illustrations I slaved away at. These books are brilliant... regardless of whether they had pics in by me or not! Cas's writing really is laugh out loud funny.


The 3rd cover I've done for a Gareth P. Jones book, published by Hot Key Books with their brilliant design team. Very different from the other two titles, but no less enjoyable! 





Just to say that I'm posting on Tumblr too. Should be some different bits and pieces to what appears here if I can help it. Anything published in book form I'll try to keep putting up here though.




OK, so this is Harvey Drew and the Binmen From Outer Space! published round about now ( March 2014 ) by the brilliant Hotkey books and written by the very funny Cas Lester. Go on...give it a read!
I've posted a few of the inside full page illustrations here, and an earlier version of the front cover as a bonus : )  



Another Gareth. P. Jones cover for HotKey books. 

I have absolutely loved doing these!  Jet and the team are brilliant to work with and they're making my Illustration look good : )    

( I'm allowed to think that, right? ) 


Some more work on the Mr Monkey books. This was used as a cover image - and I'll post a selection of the colour insides at some point soon too : ) 


Here's some selected pages from a comic book project I did a few months back. It was fun! Bloody hard work though...



I've also been working on a couple of different things for HotKey books over the last few months. They have loads of great covers on their books and I'm chuffed to be doing a few for them and their excellent list!  

This one is for a Gareth P Jones book, which I do believe is out in the shops already. I'll be illustrating another one of his very soon...


These are some bits and bobs from an early reader series I've been illustrating called 'Mr Monkey' by Linda Chapman. One of the many projects I've had on the go recently!  Published by Orion at some point in the not too distant future I expect : )